News of Interest for Our Class….

Two different sad items have come to my attention regarding members of our class in the past week.  I figured I would share them both with you all through this forum:

Last week, Lorie & Paul Russo (Lorie George) suffered a devastating house fire in Camden last weekend.  I have not found any details published in the Rome Sentinel, and have not yet seen the Queen Central News for information, but from what I have heard through second hand sources, the house was a total loss.

The second item is the passing of one of our classmates: Regina VandenBosch, in Rochester on Monday, October 15th.  Her online obituary can be found here:

This brings the total number of classmates we have confirmed to have passed to 8.  May we all remember and pray for those we have lost over the years….

One thought on “News of Interest for Our Class….

  1. I’m very, very sorry to hear both of these sad stories. I hope that Lorie and family recover and everyone was safe and my sympathies go out to Regina’s family for their loss.