Next Planning Meeting for the 33rd Reunion Event…

I have set the date for the next (probably final) planning meeting for the “Terrific Three’s” 33rd Reunion Event this August 11th.

The planning meeting will be on Thursday, July 19th starting about 6pm on the deck at The Sunset Grill in Sylvan Beach (inside if raining).  The meeting should not take more than an hour, plus some time for some munchies/food from the kitchen at The Sunset Grill.

The meeting is open to any class member who would like to attend.

Welcome to the New Camden Class of 1979’s Website

After completing the total redesign of the “Camden Alumni Association” website (, I decided a complete redesign of our class website was also overdue.  This new site will allow commenting by users, and upon request, I will allow other Class of 1979 Alumni to have authoring status so they can originate posts on this site as well.

Check out the information available here on the upcoming “Terrific Three’s a 33rd Reunion Event” on August 11, 2012 at the Sunset Grill in Sylvan Beach.